Workout Options for Success!

Back East CrossFit now offers workout options: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance and Strength Training … but why?! With the recent addition of multiple workout tracks I wanted to take some time to talk about why we have decided to add them, what they are and how to use them. Having many choices can be confusing … Continue reading Workout Options for Success!


Train for life

It's well known that being active is important for overall health and longevity. No matter what activity we choose to keep us healthy sometimes we lose the drive that we once had to keep working at it day after day. Once we start questioning why we go to the gym day after day its important … Continue reading Train for life

A warm up for the warm up

Warming up for WODs Though we understand not everyone has an extra 30 min before class to warm up we do strongly encourage people to show up at the minimum 5-10 minutes before class starts to settle in and maybe do some warming up. Fortunately for those that sneak in just before the buzzer our … Continue reading A warm up for the warm up

What are CrossFit workouts all about?

Have you ever wondered why CrossFit workouts are designed the way they are? And why do the coaches always tell you to squat lower, throw the ball higher, get your chest to the ground and lock the elbows out? It seems so random but there is a method to the madness. To explain that method … Continue reading What are CrossFit workouts all about?

Workout Of The Day

______________________________________________________________________________ Effective 9/29/19 the workout of the day will not longer be posted to our website. ______________________________________________________________________________ How to view the WODs Members of Back East CrossFit: you can view the workouts through Wodify (desktop or app). They are posted daily at 8pm. Non Members: If you are thinking about joining our amazing community and … Continue reading Workout Of The Day

Staying Active With An Injury

Juli performing some one arm action during a WOD! Earlier this year Juli was ready to tackle her first CrossFit Open when an unfortunate accident left her with an injured arm and the need to sit out her first Open… or so she thought. Even though she wasn’t doing the workouts as written we were … Continue reading Staying Active With An Injury

This Weeks Preview – 9/22/19

Monday: We are starting the week off with a classic strength benchmark, a 3RM deadlift. Following our heavy lifting session we have a short sprint type of workout. This one starts with a fast run, then goes into 3 rounds of fast sets of deadlifts and double unders, and then finally is capped off with … Continue reading This Weeks Preview – 9/22/19

This Weeks Preview – 9/15/19

The (2nd) 2019 CrossFit Open Registering for the Open is a yearly gut check for me. The atmosphere pushes me to go harder than I normally do in classes. And just about every single time I finish an open workout, I walk away knowing that I have even more in me than i thought. I'll … Continue reading This Weeks Preview – 9/15/19

This Weeks Preview – 9/8/19

Back Easts first Intramural CrossFit Open has begun! One day in and its already been interesting to say the least. Keep your eye out for updates on what happens next. Also, make sure to mark your calendars for all the upcoming events related to the Open. You can find them on a post on our … Continue reading This Weeks Preview – 9/8/19

This Weeks Preview – 9/1/19

We are one week away from kicking off the Intramural Open season! Make sure to watch social media for updates this week! We will be choosing team captains this week and the draft will kick off the recruiting for teams on Saturday. If you missed last weeks preview and are not sure what the Intramural … Continue reading This Weeks Preview – 9/1/19