Train for life

It’s well known that being active is important for overall health and longevity. No matter what activity we choose to keep us healthy sometimes we lose the drive that we once had to keep working at it day after day. Once we start questioning why we go to the gym day after day its important to find a way to reignite that drive you once had before you stop all together.

A simple thing such as changing your perspective can make a big impact. Instead of thinking that your routine is just “exercise” or a “workout” think about it as more of a training program. You are training to become a stronger and healthier human, its not just mindless exercise; there is a bigger purpose. The concept of CrossFit is to TRAIN for the unknown that happens OUTSIDE of the box. There are countless encounters we face daily where more fit benefits us greatly. Shoveling snow, helping a neighbor push their car, carrying heavy items while moving a friend into their house, catching yourself after slipping, picking up a something from the floor, recovering from surgery, endless yard work, playing with our children, carrying 100 bags of groceries all at once from the car to the house because carrying only 2 bags is just silliness… the list could go on forever! These are all things that can become exponentially more difficult as we get older and even harder if we don’t train to stay fit. The more fitness we build now, the longer the benefits will carry into old age. Change your perspective, we train to live more freely!

If you still have trouble finding your drive again try to find an event you want to train for. Having a very specific goal to work towards will reignite you to train instead of just working out to work out. There are so many cool events out there you can challenge yourself to do. The best part is that you don’t always have to have the attitude that you are going to walk away the champion of the universe with these things (although that would be pretty cool). Sometimes it’s just about working towards something that has a tangible goal. Road races (running or biking), obstacle courses, mountain biking, rock climbing, powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit competitions. Again there are a ton of examples. Get on the ole google machine and start searching! Another suggestion is if you are due for a vacation plan your trip around the event. Find a cool place to travel/ vacation to where there is an event you can kick the vacation off with. 

Lastly if you aren’t into training towards an event like the ones mentioned above maybe look at things a little simpler. Pick a gymnastic movement you’ve been wanting to do like handstand push ups, pull ups, toes to bar, or muscle ups and start working on that one item. Or how about training for a new PR in one of the many barbell lifts we do (back squat, bench press, deadlift, strict press, front squat, push press, push jerk, split jerk, clean, or snatch). Even picking a named WOD such as Fran to work towards is good. Pick one and focus your training around that. There is nothing wrong with being so specific with your goal. In fact the more specific you can be the better! This style of training is great to get your motivation back. To reach a new weightlifting or WOD PR or achieve a first rep with a gymnastic movement you’ll need a structured and progressive program that is specific to your goal. Having this structure and clear cut program will provide you with small achievable goals daily and weekly as you progress closer and closer to your main goal. If this is something that sparks interest and reignites some motivation come talk to us. We can design a program for you that will get you working on your goal right away!

Whichever method works to bring back that drive and love for fitness there is no wrong answer. Sometimes we just need a little change to get us going. The best thing you can do for yourself is when that motivation starts to waiver come talk to us. Let us guide you to a new goal and get you on the path to succeeding. 

Find your goal, set your radar and put the work in people!


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