Programming Preview – 12/16/18

Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to let your health slip. We go through this every year and should expect to come across the same challenges by now. Get into the box a minimum of 3x per week to maintain what you’ve worked so hard at all year. We have a few more weeks until 2019 starts, close 2018 out by taking care of yourself. Here is this weeks programming preview!

I like to start the week off with a bang. This WOD is a variation of the benchmark workout “Fight gone bad”. Instead of working through 1 min stations you will have assigned reps for each movement and we are extending it to 5 rounds.

It’s been a while since we got after some heavy back squats. Today we lift heavy for 3 reps hopefully setting a new 3 rep max by the last set. Class will finish with some midline work.

Today’s WOD is a workout. This interval style wod will ask for max reps of pull-ups and moderate power cleans. Come test your mental fortitude and push for as man reps as you can get on this one.

This Intense EMOM will challenge your consistency with your double unders on one minute and on the second minute challenge your gymnastics endurance with some push ups and toes to bar.

We cant go a whole week without some burpees! This one is a simple couplet of DB or KB squat cleans and burpees, come get some!

Since we are finishing our week with a special WOD the partner workout this week will be a bit lighter but still a great workout and a good time.

In tradition of Christmas season we will do our 12 days of crossfit WOD to close out the week.  Make sure to check our posts on social media for schedule updates coming up.