Programming Preview – 8/26/18

Just because Mac and I are away doesn’t mean you can slack off! Get into the gym and keep crushing it. Here is the programming preview for whats to come next week!

This is a strength dominant week mixed in with some light conditioning pieces.

Monday is a back squat kind of day. High volume moderate load back squats paired with moderate rep double unders should start your week off right!

Tuesday we will spend the class building up to a 1 rep max snatch.

Wednesday is all about pressing. We will start with two pieces strictly focusing on strength and finish with a short metcon. Each section will focus either on strict press, push press or push jerk.

Thursday we will take a break from the barbell and work on our endurance with some running intervals.

Back to the barbell on Friday for some heavy deadlift singles. Whether its a PR day or not make sure to challenge yourself with a heavy rep for the day.

Saturday and Sunday we will be closed for labor day weekend! Have a good weekend and recover from all of that weightlifting!