Back East CrossFit – CrossFit

Partner WOD

Metcon (Time)

On a 24 min clock

4 rounds

20 Synchronized wall balls

20 Push ups

20 Box jump overs

Then in remaining time AMRAP meters on rower

– Wall balls are done with each person using their own medball, moving together.

– The push ups are done together for 20 reps total. Both partner in plank position, one person does a push up while the other holds. Alternate every rep until 20 are done.

– Box jumps are one person working at a time for 5 reps, then switch until 20 total are complete.

Metcon (Distance)

Max meters on rower


Metcon (Time)

Individual workout

20 min Clock

5 Rounds for time

20 wall balls

10 push ups

10 box jump overs

In remaining time complete max meters on the rower.

Metcon (Distance)

Max meters on rower


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