Programming Preview – 6/2/19

June is here which means its suns out guns out season ☀️💪🏻. Fingers crossed 🤞the sun is here to stay because we’ve got lots of fun accessory pieces this month. 2-3 times a week after the WOD you will see some beach muscle finisher exercises. Other than that its business as usual, lots of hard work in the summer heat 🥵

I spoiled everyone last week with posting all of our workouts ahead of time. Although I’m sure it made planning your workouts for the week easier this week our programming preview is a little less revealing. Take a 👀 !


We are starting the week with a light and long EMOM. 30 minutes of 1 min intervals working through burpees, devils press and rowing. 😈


Today’s WOD will start with a running buy in and close out with an AMRAP of heavy-ish squat cleans and chest to bar pull-ups. This one will be a good compliment to stat the week, a bit shorter than Monday and on the heavier side so the intensity will need to be slower (after the run of course).


Today is a three-in-one strength piece. Working off an interval clock we will work through heavy sets of 3 of push press, push jerk and front squat. Our finisher for the day will be some single arm overhead reverse step lunges.


We cant go a week without a chipper. This one looks a bit shorter than the standard chipper, as its a triplet, but it’ll be just as challenging especially when you combine overhead squats, box jump overs and thrusters.


This moderate length 5 round workout is a nice combination of gymnastics and barbell work with a little bit of cardio 🤸‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️. Double unders, handstand push ups, rope climbs and back squat. If you’ve been dying to climb our new ropes or just try to get a rope climb under your belt today is a good day for you. The finisher for the day will fatigue those triceps just a little bit more after the WOD.


Partner WOD this week is going to be fun! This Saturday we will get into teams of 4! Without giving the whole workout away this is what you can expect to see today. Some odd object carries as a team, some standard barbell movements (deadlifts and ground to overhead), and some synchronized movements for all 4 of you. I’m excited about this one, make plans to be here! 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️


This Sunday funday workout is one we’ve done for the past couple of years, today seems as good as any day to get this one done.


250 meter row

250 meter run

The weather looks promising, lets hope it stays that way ☀️


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