Programming Preview – 12/9/18

Hey guys! Last weeks training was a blast and this week looks just as great! See which workouts you will be tackling this week!

Here is another benchmark! Can you guess what is is?

Today will start with some strength work for the overhead squat. 5 sets of 3 repetitions building in weight.  Following some challenging sets of OHS we will finish the day with a fast paced chipper that will be over before you know what hit you!

We will slow things down a bit and focus on strict strength today. Pull-ups, bench press, lunges and hip extensions.

Today’s workout is borrowed from the masters of A simple but effective combination of push ups and air squats will get us through the first half of class. The second half will be filled with lots of midline work.

Friyay will be a combination of strength work and conditioning. Power cleans for 5 sets of 3 touch and go reps followed by a quick wod of front squats and  double unders!

Partner WOD weekend will be a fun chipper so don’t miss out on what we have for you.

Keeping up with trying some new things for our Sunday fun-day we will start the class with a 15 minute high intensity endurance WOD and finish the class with a 30-40 minute yoga-ish session.