Programming Preview 10/14/18

Nothing out of the ordinary happening this week with the WODs. They are a mix of strength, endurance and skill. Always be willing to challenge yourself and try something new. If you are feeling stagnant with your training make an extra effort to go a little heavier, try to RX even though you may only get through half of the workout, take less water breaks, or simply add an extra day of training to change things up. Any one of those things can push you closer to what you want out of your training.

If you are stuck and feel lost in the gym, reach out to a coach! We would love to sit down with you and discuss goals and possibly set up a one on one session to teach you something new!

We are starting this week off with a 3 round workout that is focused around a moderate to heavy power clean and jerk. 3 rounds of double unders, burpees over the bar then 9 clean and jerks. The double unders and burpees are meant to  get the heart rate up but that shouldn’t be a reason to go overly light on the clean and jerk. The barbell is the focus today, so make sure to come in ready to challenge yourself with a load that will force you to get focused for maximum efficiency and effort on every rep.

Day 2 is a strength day! Today we will be working up to a heavy 3 rep deadlift with some accessory box jump work in between each set. We will start with an extensive warm up to get your posterior chain fired up followed by a suggested warm up progression before starting your working sets. The box jumps are to be performed immediately after completed a working set of deadlifts and should be a challenging height.

It’s been a while  since we’ve done any ring work. Today will be a moderate length AMRAP involving some front squats, ring muscle ups and air bike. Don’t let the ring muscle ups turn you into a cherry picker today. There are plenty of modifications we can offer. If you are looking to work on the skills needed to perform a ring muscle up we have something for you. If you are looking to gain the strength needed to perform a ring muscle up we have that too. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new today and have some fun; you might surprise yourself!

Today will be a long 5 round workout. 25 is the magic number for today with 5 rounds of Kettlebell swings, sumo deadlift high pulls, push press and knees to elbow. Each of these movements are essentially whole body movements so make sure to come in fueled for a long and very high-energy demanding workout.

We are taking the bar overhead for heavy split jerk singles. After warming up with some technique discussion you will have 7 attempts to get a new 1 rep max for the split jerk. Following our strength work we have a fast paced wod with a 9 minute time cap. Thrusters and running will close out the work week.

The partner wod for this week is all about endurance. Rowing and high rep gymnastics will be a good way to unload the body and get a great workout in with a buddy.

The endurance WOD this week is nothing crazy. Some situps, wall ball shots and box jump overs should be a great way to start your Sunday and get your body ready for the next week.


See you at the box!