Programming Preview – 8/4/18

Here is a peek of what our programming looks like this week!

Monday we have 5 rds of 2 min intervals working for max reps of heavy single arm DB snatches. Before you can gain reps on the snatches you’ll first have to get through some bar muscle ups and double unders.

Tuesday we will get after some weightlifting of 3 power movements: hang power clean, hang power snatch and push jerk. Bring your muscles! We have a lot of lifting to do.

Wednesday we deload and work though some rowing, push ups and sit-ups.

Thursday is an AMRAP of running and air squats

Friday we will be doing a variation of the named  WOD “Linda”

Saturday is a  tag team partner 14 round couplet! Say that 5 times fast!

Last but not least Sunday we test our 5k run.

Get in the box peeps!