Programming Preview 6/10/18

Programming previews are a great way to plan out your workouts for the week. You can determine how your body feels and have a plan for which workouts will work best for you or even have an idea of how you might want to scale the workout before you come in. Having a plan gets you one step closer to success.

When tomorrows workout comes around think “Fran”… but worse. Double dumbbell thrusters and chest to bar pull ups will add a challenging twist to a classic. Feeling like stepping it up even more? Try swapping out the chest to bar pull ups with bar muscle ups.

Bring your oly shoes Tuesday because we are snatching! Full squat snatch for 3 reps.

Simple yet effective is a great way to describe Wednesdays WOD. We will be doing a mainsite workout with burpees and box jumps, or is it burpee box jumps…you’ll just have to wait and see.

Thursday is a chipper style workout with descending reps and increased weight for strict press and strict pull ups. Today will be another day you will have an option to add an extra challenge. Instead of strict press you can choose to do strict handstand pushups.

Friday we build up to a heavy single back squat. In addition we will finish class with a fast paced WOD with lunges, DB snatch, and rowing.

Saturdays partner wod wont look bad on paper but we all know too well what that means for the actual workout. Air-bike, deadlifts and toes to bar will be a great way to burn some extra calories before the weekend BBQs start.

Sunday we have a longer style endurance WOD chipper style.

See you at the box!