Programming Preview 5/27/18

I hope everyone is recovering from Murph and other holiday weekend activities! Here is this weeks programming.

Monday: Closed for Memorial Day

Tueaday: We are going to try something new and fun today. We have a 5 station circuit that won’t be for time. During class you will work through 3-5 rotations of some med ball runs, farmer carries, sled pushes, axle cleans and tire flips! Be patient today with limited equipment and just enjoy the change of pace post Murph, it’ll be a fun one!

Wednesday: A standard 3 round workout with a challenging twist. Double unders and overhead squats to fatigue the shoulders then some handstand walking. We will spend the first part of class running through some handstand walk progressions and scales.

Thursday: Weightlifting day! The majority of the class will be spent finding a new heavy single rep deadlift. In addiion to Deadlifts we have some accessory work of bench press and ring rows.

Friday:  Is another 3 rounder. Clusters and burpee box jump overs to close out the week. Any remaining time in class will be spent practicing rope climbing technique.

Saturday: This partner wod will be a 2fer! Two 10 minute AMRAPs.

Sunday’s endurance wod is some classic cardio which can be used as an active recovery or a challenging conditioning piece.

See you at the box!