Programming Preview – 4/29/18

Here is what we got coming up this week!

Monday we are lifting heavy with some touch and go squat cleans. What better way to start the week than picking heavy things up and putting them down.

Tuesday we have planned a nice light weight metcon. A 5 rounder with some KB cleans, goblet squats and sit-ups.

Wednesday is our last day of tempo squats before we change things up. After our squat session we will close out class with a 3 round couplet of heavy deadlifts and farmer carries.

Thursday will look simple enough on paper but will prove to be pretty challenging; man makers and toes to bar to keep it simple but effective at getting you fit.

Friday is a chipper! Burpees, pull ups, snatches, push press, and cleans oh my!

Push Up Challenge… Last 2 Days!!!

1 minute max push ups
30 seconds rest
Keep this pattern until you reach 95 push ups

Tuesday :
Your Final Day!!!
100 push ups for time!!!