Programming Preview – 4/15/18

Here is this weeks programming and push up challenge. I want to see everyone working hard this week. Our goals wont happen magically overnight while we sleep. It takes hard work and consistency so make it happen – don’t just wait for it!

Monday is a double day starting with the wod (descending rep scheme of hang power cleans and bar facing burpees) and finishing with strength work on our deadlifts. 

Tuesday’s triplet consists of high rep double unders, kettlebell swings and a choice of bar muscle ups, rope climbs or pull-ups.

Wednesday is a strength day! Our second week of back squat consisting of a lower rep scheme, but sticking to our tempo work. Hopefully you kept track of what numbers you hit last week, we expect you to increase your weights this week slightly. After back squat we will do strict press.

Thursday is a quick ladder of overhead squats and toes to bar. Class will end with a partner cool down row.

Friday is a benchmark! Fight Gone Bad is a classic CrossFit benchmark  that will test your endurance. If you have a previous score on this one, get ready to push hard to get a new personal best!

Push Up Challenge week 3

80 Push ups for time

Rest day – Stretch the shoulders and pecs!

5 tempo push ups

3 seconds down
2 second pause at bottom
2 second push up
1 second pause at the top

Push ups

60 push ups for time


30 seconds of push ups
30 seconds of rest
Until you reach 70 reps