Programming Preview 2/18/18

This is the week, the 2018 CrossFit games season starts with the first Open workout released this Thursday at 8 PM ET.  Immediately following the live announcement of the workout two Games level athletes go head to head competing to get the best score on that workout. Don’t miss these exciting announcements every Thursday for the next 5 weeks!

Here at Back East we will performing the Open workouts on Fridays for classes and Friday Night Lights. Our 5:45 and 9 am classes will be run in heats where we will partner up and judge/score each other for the Open workouts whether you are registered for the open or not. In the evenings on Fridays we start running heats for the Open workouts at 4:30 PM until we finish; typically the last heat will end between 7 and 8pm. If you are registered for the Open and for some reason you can’t make it in on Friday, you can make up the workout Saturday, Sunday or Monday. You will need someone to judge/score you on the workout so reach out to any of the coaches if this is the case.  

This week is business as usual even with the Open starting. If you want to get the most out of your Open performance make sure to listen to your body as the week progresses and dial back your intensity and rest/recover based on how you feel, Friday will be here before we know it!

Monday we will be working up to a heavy 2 rep Power clean followed by a fast paced 7 min AMRAP of dumbbell snatches and double unders.  

The weather is going to be a bit warmer Tuesday so we are going to take advantage of that and take our fitness outside during this workout. Rowing, running, deadlifts, toes to bar and chest to bar pull-ups for about a 20 minute chipper!

Wednesday we will be front squatting in sets of 3 reps building up to a challenging set. We will finish the class with a short EMOM of some light thrusters and box jump overs.

Thursday will be a longer amrap of double unders,  farmer carries and ring plank holds.

Friday is our first Open workout. We won’t know what it will be until the night before but whatever it is, it’s going to challenge you. Come in expecting to push yourself beyond how you would in a typical class workout. The Open is a good time to test your progress and all the hard work you’ve put in this past year.

Saturday’s partner workout is a two part workout with some moderate shoulder to overhead and burpee box jump overs for part 1. Part 2 will be muscle ups, overhead squats and double unders.

Get excited for this week guys –  See you at the box!