This week’s preview – 6/30/19

​The last couple of weeks have been rough! Between the heat and the workouts I hope you are finding time to rest, rehydrate and recover. So far we’ve tackled two hero WODs this summer – and we have many more for you. This week’s hero workout is a rough one so make sure to prepare for it if you plan on being there on the 4th. If that means taking an extra day of rest, more mobility, or just dialing back your intensity Tuesday and Wednesday then make sure to do so.

Schedule changes

This Thursday is the 4th of July so our schedule is changing a bit, make sure to adjust your workout plans accordingly!

  • Thursday July 4th – 9 am Hero WOD only!
  • Friday July 5th – Open gym from 9 – 12
  • Saturday July 6th – Open gym 9 – 12
  • Sunday July 7th – Closed

Stuff we are up to

We are currently working on setting up the side weightlifting room in the gym so stay tuned for what’s in store with that. In working on the room we have found many items left behind at the gym (some from the old space) that are collected in a bag in the space. If you think you lost something look in the bag and take it home with you. These items will be tossed by the end of the week if not claimed.

Programming for the week

Monday – Strength focused workout building up to a heavy clean and jerk. Followed by an EMOM of clean and jerk triples at a percentage paired with DUs.

Tuesday – 2 round WOD with higher rep T2B, Pull ups and wall ball shots

Wednesday – 12 minute AMRAP of burpees over the bar, power snatches and air squats

Thursday – Hero WOD Hidalgo

Friday – no class but a workout will be programmed. It’s a play on the hero wod “Coffland”. 3 rounds of a 2 min hang, 30 push ups, 500 meter row and a farmer carry.

Saturday – Open gym only. This is a good time to come in and do a WOD you missed or practice some things you’ve been meaning to work on or just mobilize and recover.

Sunday – Closed

Gym Events

Don’t forget to RSVP to the pizza truck party at the O’Connells on August 2nd! We need a head count as soon as possible. If you didn’t get the invite yet make sure to mention it to us, everyone at Back East is invited!

Events/competitions in the area

CrossFit Plainville Barbells for Badges, Saturday August 3rd

CrossFit Hook’d “Hook’D 2 Hops” Co-ed team competition Sat 9/14/2019

Be safe celebrating the holiday this week! We will see everyone at the box!


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